Thursday, October 30, 2008

Coming Soon: 1990 Bowman Baseball

I just bought 4 more wax packs of 90 Bowman baseball off the same guy on eBay and this time I won them for just $1.29 delivered. That's only 33 cents a pack! Watch me pull a Big Frank, Sosa or Juan Gone this time. Wouldn't it figure?

1987 Donruss Baseball

At long last, here's the moment you all (at least some of you) have been waiting for. As promised, 5 rack packs of 87 D-Russ in all of their vintage glory. Let's see what we get...

Ran out of time at the end but the remaining cards after Joe Cowley were Kirk Gibson, Mike Maddux, HoJo, Danny Tartabull, Tim Hulett, Dan Petry, Dave Martinez, Jack Morris DK, Glenallen Hill, Ruppert Jones, Bob Kearney and puzzle piece.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

1993 Topps Baseball Series 1

Here's the cello pack of 93 Topps baseball series 1. Let's see if our luck continues and we pull another Jeata.

1993 Score Baseball

Here's the 4 packs of 93 Score baseball. Let's see if we get a Jeata.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1990 Bowman Baseball

Here's the 4 wax packs of 90 Bowman baseball.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

1982 Topps Baseball

They're here! A 1982 Topps baseball cello pack that I won on eBay for $5.31 delivered. What a steal. Could there be a gem mint Cal Ripken, Jr. rookie lurking inside?!? 28 cards...let's find out...
Top of the pack has Brewers Future Stars shining through. John Lowenstein showing on bottom.

333 - Milwaukee Brewers Future Stars: Frank DiPino, Marshall Edwards, Chuck Porter
The only guy in the trio I recognize is Frank DiPino who was a bum reliever for the Cubs in the mid 80's.

171 - San Francisco Giants Future Stars: Bob Brenly, Chili Davis, Bob Tufts
At first I didn't realize this is the Davis RC. And don't slight Brenly, a future World Series champion manager. Books for 2 bucks. My heart kinda sinks though as I don't think I'll be pulling a Cal after getting two of these team prospects cards so soon.

589 - Dave Stapleton
Badly miscut.

537 - Doug Capilla
Sweet powder blue with white pinstripes early 80's Cubs road jersey.

383 - Pascual Perez
Pascual Perez! Not the error though. Just his rookie card, which isn't worth anything.

156 - Oakland A's Team Leaders/Checklist: Rickey Henderson, Steve McCatty
Would've been a lot sweeter to get the regular Rickey card which is a classic photo.

526 - Montreal Expos Team Leaders/Checklist: Warren Cromartie, Bill Gullickson

679 - Sammy Stewart
Badly miscut. Like the Stapleton.

732 - Mike Lum

142 - Dave LaRoche

96 - Kansas City Royals Team Leaders/Checklist: George Brett, Larry Gura

755 - Joe Morgan In Action

187 - Jeff Newman

527 - John Henry Johnson
Sweet 80's perm hair.

Halfway through the pack we get an ancient piece of gum stuck to... a Topps album sticker! I didn't know they put these in the cello packs but that's awesome. The sticker is of Roger Erickson and is surprisingly undamaged by the gum nor are any of the cards. The gum is a big square piece as opposed to the rectangular pieces I remember. It is a very pale pink almost brown color and is frighteningly flexible. Minutes later after air got to it, it crumbled easily. Fascinating.

81 - Jim Palmer In Action
Actually a really nice shot.

512 - Jerry Dybzinski

357 - Butch Hobson

52 - Larry Andersen
I love early Mariner uniforms.

200 - George Brett
Nice card number for a classic card. Books for 3 bucks.

560 - Doug Corbett
Looking at the back of his card I notice in his rookie year of 1980 he was 8-6 with 23 saves and a 1.99 ERA in 73 appearances for the Twins. Wow.

334 - Aurelio Rodriguez

399 - Pat Zachry

107 - Wayne Krenchicki
Not the Oriole I wanted.

415 - Don Baylor
Classic card.

490 - Dennis Eckersley
Love the photo on this one.

328 - Ed Farmer
White Sox pitcher. Back of the card says, "Set club mark by registering 30 saves in 1980." I wonder who would break that one. Love the early 80's White Sox uniforms by the way.

735 - Rudy May
First stat line on the back is from 1965. Wow.

747 - John Lowenstein
Card is unremarkable other than it happens to be the best printed card in the pack. Ink and photo is crystal clear.

Well, all I can say is that pack absolutely ruled in so many ways. No Cal but getting the Chili Davis RC and a great George Brett card more than made up for it. Best fun I've had opening a pack in quite some time. You can't beat vintage Topps.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mailday: 10/18/08

Card Junkie is moving up in the world. It's our first mailday and it's from Stale Gum's Chris Harris no less. Check it out.

Monday, October 13, 2008

2008 Topps Baseball Series 2

Here's some more packs of 2008 Topps baseball series 2.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

2008 Topps Baseball Series 2

Picked up another 22-card pack of 2008 Topps baseball series 2 today. Let's see what we get. First, we get a stick of gum in it's own section of the pack with it's own wrapper and cardboard backing. Good grief, back in the day even the cards didn't used to get that nice of a treatment. Oh well, that's progress I guess. Yeah I know, wax stains. Onto the cards.

544 - Chad Gaudin
Pitcher from the A's. Never heard of him but he tied for the AL lead in starts with 34 last year. Interesting.

392 - Joey Gathright

507 - Mark DeRosa

462 - Freddy Garcia
Now we're talkin. First Buc I've pulled for this set.

472 - Shaun Marcum

475 - Adrian Gonzalez
Powerhouse of the Padres.

478 - Geovany Soto
Good young catcher for the Cubs.

489 - Joakim Soria

621 - Denard Span RC

349 - Mike Mussina
I think he should be in the Hall someday.

558 - John Russell
Sweet! Pirates manager.

566- Kevin Millwood

432 - Jason Kendall
Longtime Bucco backstop. I was glad to see him finally make the postseason with the Brewers.

593 - Randy Wells RC

612 - Kelly Johnson

638 - Juan Pierre
Looking at the back of his card I noticed that Pierre has managed to either tie for the lead or lead the NL in games played 5 times, at bats 3 times, hits twice, stolen bases twice, and triples once. Wow.

586 - Coco Crisp

419 - Bengie Molina

588 - Tony Gwynn (Jr.)
Nice action shot of a hit. Just like his dad. Only slimmer.

541 - Adam (not Pacman) Jones

375 - Fausto Carmona

368 - Michael Bourn

A couple rookies and a couple Pirates. Not gonna complain. Love the design too, nice and simple and I like the retro circle letters at the top. A solid set overall I think.

Friday, October 3, 2008

1992 Fleer Baseball

Here's the wax box of 1992 Fleer baseball I got. Although there's not much in the way of rookie cards in this edition, it's still a great looking set that was fun to open and I got some cool inserts. The collation left much to be desired however with only 61% different cards in the box as opposed to the impressive 79% different cards in the 88 Fleer box. Only the first three video breaks I made for this box worked but here you go.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

1988 Donruss Baseball

I received a couple bonus blister packs of 1988 Donruss baseball from the guy who sent me the 88 Fleer wax box I got off eBay. Here's a video of the first pack. The video I made of the second one didn't record right. Oh well.