Monday, June 1, 2009

2009 Topps Baseball Series 2

So I was in Target and noticed they have Topps series 2 blasters. The code by the UPC symbol had a "10" in the middle which I think, if memory serves me correctly, means these are the regular white borders and NOT grey retro throwbacks. But not willing to risk it and also realizing that 12 cards for $1.99 is a much better deal than 81 cards for $19.99, I opted for some more loose retail packs instead. Had I known about the whole blaster variation thingy in the first place I would have gladly collected the grey throwbacks this year but since Topps didn't tell anybody until after the cat was out of the bag and didn't properly mark their blasters as such, I am forgoing the whole black-bordered/grey-throwback phenomenon and simply completing my regular old white bordered set. If they actually tell everyone what they are doing next year and mark the product accordingly, I might go for the grey-throwbacks as my Topps set next year. Also, Mario @ Wax Heaven has the scoop on Upper Deck's latest attempt to duplicate Topps' success with Heritage: O-Pee-Chee as a stand alone 500 card grey cardboard retro set with a low price point. I really like the look of these and will be on the look out. This could be the set I've been waiting for.

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