Sunday, September 28, 2008

1988 Fleer Baseball

I just received my 1988 Fleer baseball wax box that I sent away for on eBay and have finished busting it. Unfortunately my computer crashed several times recording the 88 Fleer busting videos and several won't play or upload correctly so I missing some of the vids but I managed to salvage most of them including the better packs. Thanks for bearing with me. By the way, out of a wax box of 540 cards only 112 were duplicates so 79% of the cards were different. That's very good collation as compared to the 92 Fleer box I opened with a pathetic 61% different cards. But more on that later.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

2008 Topps Baseball Series 2

So this is my first baseball card blog. I'm getting back into the hobby after a 13 year hiatus. Back when I was a kid I had thousands of cards in my collection. It all started sometime in 1987 when as an eleven year old I found a pack of 86 Topps Mini League Leaders in an assorted candy bag and was hooked. I soon completed an 87 Topps set from packs and was off and running. By 1995 I had thousands of cards from the 60s-90s. I stopped abruptly in 1995 due to a perfect storm of causes. One was going away to college and as I grew older I lost interest in collecting baseball cards. Also the 94 strike dampened my interest in baseball and I became more interested in football and hockey. And my team the Pirates was becoming perpetually uncompetitive in baseball's new economic climate. Lastly, the card industry was getting out of hand with 20 premium sets for each company and it was becoming more and more difficult to keep track, collect, and afford all the cards or even figure out what were the real rookie cards. I moved several times during college and each time I managed to drag my hundreds of boxes of cards along with me although I lost more enthusiasm doing so each time. I couldn't leave them at home because I knew my mom would make good on her threat to throw them out. Sadly during one of my moves I was forced to throw out my entire collection into a dumpster on a cold rainy day in 2001. I was so upset that I threw everything out because I did not want anything to remind me of it. Not even one card. And that brings us to the present. One day while surfing the internet I stumbled across unopened wax boxes on eBay for next to nothing and I thought wow I should buy some. Then I came across A Pack A Day and was hooked on the pack bust video blogs, especially Chris Harris' and I made up my mind then and there I wanted to that too! So here I am. The lucky first pack is a $3 cello from Walmart of 2008 Topps Series 2. Better late than never!

464 Rocco Baldelli
636 Rafael Betancourt
525 Gary Matthews
386 Julio Lugo
363 Brian Barton RC
374 Jason Jennings
643 Matt Murton
373 Casey Kotchman
650 Frank Thomas
569 Brad Hennessey
607 Ryan Spilborghs
604 Willy Mo Pena
634 Kenny Rogers
499 Milton Bradley
616 Jon Garland
559 Jonny Gomes
542 Adam Kennedy
377 Jake Westbrook
611 Garret Anderson
407 Johnny Damon
360 David Ortiz
437 Brandon Wood

I've just purchased a 88 Fleer Wax Box and 92 Fleer Wax Box on eBay that I will busting in the next couple days so stay tuned.