Sunday, November 30, 2008

Coming Soon: 1990 Fleer Baseball

Yes. I know what you're thinking. Why am I obsessed with crappy '90 Fleer? Well my rationalization goes like this. After busting the first box I'm 262 cards shy of the set. Yup that's it. Gotta complete the set. Oh and I don't have the Sosa rookie yet. Yup. Books for 3 bucks in Tuff Stuff. Okay you got me. These packs are so crappy and junky I can't help myself. Resistance is futile. So I bought two more. For just $6.88 a box delivered by the way. Anyway I should have vids of this box break by this time next week so stay tuned. It will be insanely great. And I promise not to buy any more '90 Fleer. Pinky swear.


Dave said...

YESSSS!!! More '90 Fleer!

You know, I actual liked the look of this 1990 Fleer set. Are we in agreement that it was a lot better than the years prior and following ('89 Fleer and '91 Fleer)? To me it has found a refuge of sorts between the vile designs of the other two sets. The white cards with team-themed borders are actually pretty clean looking compared to the YELLOW!!!!!!!!! 1991 set. One thing I always wondered about the 1991 set, having received the factory set a as gift years ago, was that if they could make cards as neat as the PRO-VISIONS cards (like the Barry Bonds smoking bat), how could they possibly have felt comfortable making the rest of the set YELLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!? Sorry to yell, but you almost have to. The color wasn't just yellow; it was bolder than that. It's more like YELL!-oh or YELLOW!!!!!!! in all caps with exclamation marks.

...and yet I still love that set. Damn nostalgia.

If you are making a run at completing the set ('90), and you're coming up a few cards short later on, let me know. My commons from this set are pretty handy.

Also, I see you're a Pirates fan and familiar with my blog. If there's ever a current Pirate you want to see in an old vintage design, or an old Pirate you want to see in a new set, feel free to give me a holler. I'll see what I can do. After tackling Allen&Ginter Chris Sabo I feel I am ready to try a request.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Sweet! At least somebody out there likes '90 Fleer. Call me crazy but I actually liked '89 and I think I'm the only person in the world who like the '91 Fleer. But no doubt the Pro Visions kicked ass. I remember they were the first inserts that I was crazy about. Anyway I like your blog and the photoshopped cards you do are as good as any I've seen. How about a '91 Donruss Nate McClouth?