Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tournament of Gimmicks Round Two

It's time for the second round in the Beckett Region of the Tournament of Gimmicks. Vote for your least favorite card gimmicks in the sidebar on the right. And don't forget about the Burdick, Olbermann and Berger regions.

Beckett Region Round Two Game 1
1)"Jon Smoltz vs 9)Aurora Cubes

The "Jon" Smoltz card thumped Topps D3 in the first round while Pacific Aurora Cubes was in a tough fight with Finest's fractured base sets before pulling away late.

Beckett Region Round Two Game 2
4)Alex Gordon vs 12)'01 UD Sweet Spot Ichiro Jersey

Alex Gordon, picked by many to win the entire tournament, is fresh from a big win over Finest's peel-off protectors. But Gordon may have trouble with the Ichiro "jersey" which just upset one of the most famous cards of all time, the '33 Goudey Nap Lajoie.

Beckett Region Round Two Game 3
6)"Franken-cuts" vs 3)Topps U&H Joba "Astros"

"Franken-cuts" trounced the '99 Topps Mac/Sosa varitaions handily while the Joba "Astros" card ran all over "All" Hrabosky.

Beckett Region Round Two Game 4
7)2010 UD Double Takes vs 2)Poley Walnuts

2010 UD Double Takes crushed Sportflics but will face a stiff test from Poley Walnuts which easily defeated eTopps.

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