Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Coming Soon: 1989 Topps Baseball

So I just won a contest over at Dinged Corners! My prize: a Jumbo Pak of '89 Topps! How cool is that? I used to love Topps Jumbo Paks when I was a kid. What kid wouldn't want 100 Topps cards and a piece of gum for two bucks? I completed many a set that way. Ah, memories. After staring at my computer screen for a few minutes I was able to discern the four cards that are showing: Cecil Fielder, Denny Walling, Ryne Sandberg and Mark Grant. 96 cards to go. Could there be some Sheff-Jo or Big Unit-Jo lurking inside? You'll have to stayed tuned to find out.


Dave said...

Nice loot! Deciphering crossword puzzle-esque clues are not my strong suit, so I have no idea how you guys knew so many of the answers.

Dave said...

are = is

(apparently proofreading skills have momentarily eluded me as well!)

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

What was crazy about it was as soon as she put the '89 Topps Jumbo out there as bait like 5 bloggers jumped on and posted answers like 2 seconds apart. I won by less than a minute. We were like the Bumpus hounds at the end of A Christmas Story. This is truly a great day for the Card Junkie!