Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Coming Soon: 1990 Leaf Baseball Series 2

Just won an auction on eBay for seven packs of '90 Leaf series 2 for $8.74 delivered. Leaf was the best and most limited set produced in 1990 and these normally go for $2.50 a pack so it's a pretty good deal. In series 2 I have a chance of pulling a 20 dollar Frank Thomas rookie, an eight dollar Larry Walker rookie, a two dollar Dave Justice rookie and a two dollar Nolan Ryan card. It's rare that I get to rip something other than junk wax so I'm pretty stoked for this one. I should have these by the end of the week.


night owl said...


I got an email from you, but somehow it ended up in my junk mail and I can't get the filter to send it to the proper place. If you want to send it again, or let me know what your email address is, feel free.

Anonymous said...
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