Friday, January 9, 2009

1988 Fleer Baseball

Here's the eight packs of '88 Fleer I got off eBay. Let's see if I get any I need. I apologize for the feedback noise on the sound.

eBay seller id: culpy4me


stusigpi said...

Ah yes, 1988 Fleer. We had The Springfield Mall. The Emporium, an Albertsons, Payless, and a few other stores. When the mall started to die, a card shop went in there. This guy had a great selection of 70's and early 80's cards that you didn't normally find and card shops.

Anyway, I had been buying packs at the Payless for years. 86 Topps and Fleer Baseball, never had Donruss. 87 Topps Football. When 88 rolled around, the Payless had Topps and that was it. We were also coming off of 87. 87 Fleer packs were a bit tough to come by in my area.

One day while walking between the shop (88 fleer packs were .75 when he had them) and Payless that never had them, I spotted a box of 88 fleer in a diner, yes a diner that was in between the two. I was super psyched and couldn't believe my "luck". I bought 2 packs and scored a Matt Nokes. Happy day for me. Yep, he was a hot rookie at one time.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

'88 Fleer always brings back memories. I remember how hot this set was at one time and almost impossible to find where I lived. I never would have dreamed how overproduced it really was. I'm so happy I almost have a set.

ny_hitnam_23 said...

My big pull from '88 Fleer was the Gregg Jefferies rookie card. I saved my lunch money for nearly two weeks so I could buy a box. That was the first box of cards I ever bought.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I remember when that Fleer Jeffries card was THE card to get period that year.