Sunday, December 14, 2008

1986 Topps Baseball

Here's those two packs of '86 Topps I promised.

eBay seller id: roye7730


Dave said...

The commentary on Fielder is awesome. I had no idea the card became a hot commodity and shot up in value so much when he returned to the states. Of course, as you said it, his renaissance didn't last long.

It's so fitting, then, that as you talked about Fielder fizzling out in a few short years, the Eagles sang "In the Long Run" in the background. Intentional?! Either way very appropriate.

Also, thinking of the way people must have gone after that Fielder card, and essentially overvalued him for a slice of his career, reminds me of the time capsule gems I find like that in my collection. I go through my boxes of cards sometimes and find guys like Vinny Castilla and Dante Bichette in protective sleeves, and guys like Rickey Henderson and Dave Winfield just banging around the box unprotected. I've even found cards of Ben Grieve in hard cases! The horror.

Mister five innings, Bryn Smith

That's incredible.

Great pack opens, btw. You gave me more appreciation for the design on these cards. You're right, they're instantly recognizable. The Valenzuela you pulled was probably the coolest looking one.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Thanks Dave glad u liked it. The song was totally an accident I just had my ipod on shuffle on the stereo =)