Wednesday, December 31, 2008

1992 Topps Baseball

And here's a rack pack of '92 Topps.

eBay seller id: doxietaxi

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Dave said...

Sorry you didn't get a lot of great cards. But it was really fun to revisit this design. It was a favorite of mine when it came out. As you noted the backs were awesome.

Looking at the cards now the only beef I have is that the photography took a step back from the excellent 1991 set. Something about it looks...clunky, or chunky, or cartoony to me. It's like they made the colors a little more neon in 1992 or something. Maybe it's just me though.

Only other beef is that player heads and limbs sometimes stand in front of the inset color border. This looks a little dated today but was probably popular at the time.

Overall though very fun to revisit this set. I bought a Cardinals team set of these when I was a kid.