Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mail Day: 12/10/08

I received an awesome package today from Daniel in New York state. I got over 300(!) commons I needed for '88 and '92 Fleer. Without a doubt my favorite of the bunch is this card right here.

I had no idea this card existed. Fleer really jumped the gun on this one as Jeff King wouldn't have another card until 1990 as he didn't make his ML debut until 1989. Jeff King was a number one draft pick by the Pirates in 1986. They had selected Barry Bonds number one in 1985 so they had pretty high hopes for King as well. After several false starts he finally showed signs of becoming a run producer in 1993 and then after a few big years in Pittsburgh he was traded to the Royals where he had a few more big years before calling it quits for his real love, hunting and fishing. I can't get over how young Kinger looks on this '88 Fleer card as I always remember the full beard he had as a big leaguer.
Anyways, big thanks to Daniel! Let me know what you would like in return...

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Dave said...

I've got some '90 Fleer with your name on it...drop me a line if interested! It's yours for the taking.