Friday, March 13, 2009

2009 Topps Heritage Baseball

Here's a blaster of Heritage.

Looks like great minds think alike.


Covered in Wrappers said...

If I can't find a Cano in this blaster here, I smell a trade.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

You got it.

Covered in Wrappers said...

I want to go back to Target myself, just not sure what I want there. Part of me wants a few packs, the other part of me wants to play with the Attax cards for fun.

I have some Pirates here if you didn't get them, or if you are going for the whole set I have plenty of doubles, which is weird considering I only bought one blaster and 12 random packs total.

Anonymous said...

Damnit ... I want those Sox cards, especially that Pedroia jersey. Nice pull.