Sunday, March 1, 2009

First '09 Heritage Baseball Video Break (Not Me)

Not sure how relevant and/or useful this vid actually is but this is the internet's first video break of '09 Heritage baseball. A few words of caution before you waste the next nine minutes of your life by clicking below. One, he has no idea how to talk about new cards or show them off on a webcam i.e. if you want watch a kid thumb through cards you can't see quickly while mumbling about one or two cards a pack THEN THIS IS THE VIDEO FOR YOU, CLICK NOW! Two, as an added bonus you get to hear his stage dad (sitting off camera and apparently making himself at least somewhat useful by gathering wrappers during the box break) correcting the pronunciation of deceased presidents that junior didn't learn about in school. Three, like most spoiled young Joe Collectors this kid only cares about the hits or "hit" as the case may be, so like, don't expect to see or learn about much else. I feel a bit rude saying these things about a father and son dynamic duo whom I don't even know sharing in the "joy" of collecting baseball cards but I'm giving this kid a plug for a guaranteed, I dunno, 80 plus views so consider my snarky remarks my fee. Let me know if I'm being to hard on the lad. I'm probably just jealous I don't have Heritage yet. Lastly, I know somebody whom may be a tad interested in said "hit" *cough* Mario @ Wax Heaven *cough* I will just say this. Uggla jersey w/pinstripe. Ok, you were warned. Now enjoy. That is, if you want to.

Now that the pesky first scan posts and videos are out of the way I have lost all lust to scoop Heritage. I will now wait casually by until a blaster appears at my local big box retailer. And then I shall grace ye olde intrawebs with a proper video review. Meanwhile I have splendid maildays from Night Owl Cards and A Cardboard Problem which, time willing, I will have vids of by later this evening. Until then.

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night owl said...

He couldn't mention any of the base cards, but he could mention every time he pulled "gum."

Kids don't come off well doing stuff like this. I don't think he's really to blame. I don't think parents should be putting kids in situations like this.