Thursday, April 2, 2009

1981 Donruss Baseball

Got a couple packs of '81 D-Russ off eBay for cheap.


Ben said...

Those two packs kinda make Topps collation look good.

Topps was the clear winner in '81 as both Fleer and Donruss were fairly uninspired sets. I wonder at what point baseball gave the OK to make those sets. In the end, Fleer and Donruss probably would have been better off waiting until '82 so they could do some little things like take quality photography, line up decent printing facilities/materials, fact check... ya know, minor little details.

Dave said...

That gum is relentless! Hahaha

Ben said...

As much as I'd love to get a box of '81 Topps to rip open, it's that gum that's keeping me from it.

So far with two boxes of '87 Topps and now almost half way through my '89 Bowman, I've been lucky that no cards have been destroyed by the gum. I've got a few with gum stains, but none stuck.

Hey, if you eat your '81 gum, I'll eat my '89 gum.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

True story. Several years ago when I was a kid, my friend and I purchased '81 Donruss packs from a card shop (had to have been '91 or '92) and we dared each other to "chew" the gum. It had virtually no taste and dissolved into particles in our mouths. I wonder what Donruss gum actually tasted like back when it was "fresh".

nymetsfan said...

Cool fact about Olbermann. I did not know that.