Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random Thoughts

Today was a sad day for card collecting in State College. I stopped by Target after work and the faithful Heritage retail box which I have enjoyed buying packs from was gone. Knowing that the Walmart nearby has already been sold out for several weeks, I ventured the whole way across town to the "other" Wally World, the nice, new one actually, (the one I live by is a dumpy old one) to get my Heritage fix. Nadda. Realizing the regularity my local big boxes restock their cards (i.e. never) it could be a long, LONG time till I see any Heritage again. Here's hoping Dan @ Saints of the Cheap Seats pulls off a Heritage group break cause I will be there front and center although so far the takers look slim. C'mon folks, you know you want to! Facing this grim reality, I still have reason for optimism. First off, I bought another jumbo pack of Upper Deck while at the nice, new Walmart, which you will find a vid of here shortly. I have a couple of real nice goodies coming in the mail from eBay. Six packs of '90 Topps I got for 59 cents a pack delivered and the piece de l'resistance: a box of '93 Leaf (my favorite product EVAR) that I got for $11.24 delivered! I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to busting that beauty. And to top it off the Pens (who were in 10th place as late as a month ago) are about to clinch a playoff spot tonight and the forever bumbling Pirates look to remain undefeated on the season against the Red Birds. So maybe I can live without Heritage. For a little while. =)

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