Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Good News

So tonight has been great. The Pens made the playoffs. I won a free rack pack of '87 Donruss out of the blue from Dayf the original Cardboard Junkie. I guess when you help people complete their sets good things happen. I managed to nab a blaster of Heritage on eBay for $18.48 delivered. I was totally shocked because all the Heritage blasters I've been seeing on the bay have been going for well over twenty bucks so I guess I just got lucky. Hopefully I will have it in hand by next week. Oh and the Pirates totally stunk up Busch Stadium tonight as Ian Snell got shelled and our new "third baseman" Andy LaRoche completely dropped a easy pop up that nearly was called an infield fly, which opened up the flood gates. Oh well, 3 out of 4 ain't bad.


Covered in Wrappers said...

Target by mean was overflowing with baseball cards and blasters. It was a glorious sight to see.

And I'll take the Jeter starquest card. =)

night owl said...

I saw the LaRoche play. Awful. What was all that spring training for?

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Marie: You got it.
Greg: I have no idea why he's playing third for us other than he's Adam's brother.

LanceBurnitz said...

At least your not the Phillies and can't get a run.