Wednesday, April 8, 2009

PNC Park Pics

I was doing some spring cleaning and came across a shoebox filled with old photos. Some of them included pics I took when PNC Park first opened back in 2001. I thought you guys might enjoy these so here you go...

Here's the park from across the river.
As I recall, the first game was an exhibition game with the Mets, I want to say late March. And it was like winter outside. Cold, windy, overcast and even some flurries. Heck they even had the lights on for a 1 o'clock game! We were worried they wouldn't play and I have a feeling that if it wasn't the first game at a new ballpark they wouldn't have.

These were our seats and you can get a good look at the skyline. I remember Mike Piazza hit the first home run and the Pirates lost.

We went back the next week for Opening Day and you can already tell the weather was much better.
Outside the ballpark.
The Willie Stargell statue, which tragically was unveiled just days after his passing. You can't tell in this pic but lots of people left flowers and wreaths underneath.
What you first see when you come out of the concourse. It was breathtaking after years at Three Rivers where all you saw was bright green astroturf and lots of concrete. Here you see green grass and the beautiful Pittsburgh skyline and bridges.
The scoreboard.
Taking our seats.

Opening day festivities included paratroopers.

The Pirates officially take the field at PNC Park for the first time.

Sellout crowd for the first pitch. For the record they lost to the Reds, and future Pirate Sean Casey hit the first official home run.
Here was the first night game we went to a few weeks later.
Added Bonus: Here's a random old pic of a Penguin game I went to back in the late 90's. Me and my roommate went on one of those $20 campus bus trip deals and were in the nose bleed seats for a Pens/Panthers tilt. Memorable moments: Lemieux and Jagr both scored goals, Lemieux's tally moved him up on the all time list and he got a two minute standing ovation, the Pens won, there were more fights than usual (yes!) including this one, and me and my buddy successfully snuck cans of beer in our winter coats. What can I say we were stupid college kids. I can tell you that #31 is Pens goalie Ken Wregget at the bottom. I have no idea who else is in the picture, they look like ants. We were so far away we could literally touch the roof of the Mellon Arena. =)

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