Thursday, February 5, 2009

2009 Topps Baseball

Well, I'm glad I was able to get one of the first Topps vids up and with better luck I would've scooped UD too but I blew it. Yesterday afternoon, before there were any posts or videos of UD, I stopped at Target after work. They didn't have any UD yet so I picked up some more Topps. I didn't even bother with WalMart which is on the way *sigh* because they haven't had anything yet. So I get home and during Sooz and Marie's live Topps case break dayf and Chris post scans and vids after going to Wally World. Scooped again! Honestly, sitting here today I don't even care now. I'll pick some up if I see them but I'm not making a separate trip. Besides, I think Night Owl and I are the ONLY bloggers who think Topps is better this year. Maybe I'll get the first scoop on Heritage... Oh, in the meantime here's that pack of Topps I bought.


night owl said...

I'm not willing to say Topps is definitely better yet, because I haven't even found a pack of Topps.

But if I had to bet, I'd say I'll like Topps more.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Yeah I haven't seen UD in person yet either but I'm becoming more convinced.

AdamE said...

I have bought packs of both and I say Topps is better. I don't like the Topps boarder much but I don't like the Upper Deck design AT ALL. It is plain old ugly and looks allot like Documentary.

Dave said...

I'm with you. I'm not falling all over myself for either design, but I like the classic Topps look better.

Plus, doesn't Topps win by default? No Tedium Lunacy or Timelines.

That said, I do like the Joakim Soria checklist card in the UD set. I may have to snag that one for a quarter.