Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2009 Topps Baseball

Whew what a busy day. After work I stopped at Target to see if they had any UD yet. They didn't so I picked up another pack of Topps. When I got home I checked dayf's page real quick and realized that Sooz and Marie's live Topps case break on A Cardboard Problem was happening in a few minutes so I logged on. It was great. Just about everybody I know from the card blogosphere was on there chatting at some point and it was a real blast. And I mean everybody. Do you have a favorite card blog? You name it they were there. Not to mention some great hits in the case. Anyway it took a couple hours and afterward I still had to grab a shower, make dinner and watch the Penguin game (they won thank god, slim playoff hopes still flickering). By the time that was all over I hopped back online to watch Chris Harris' blaster break vid of UD, which is apparently live at WalMarts so now I have to go there tomorrow. So, anyway, long story short, below is a vid of a pack of Topps I bought yesterday while looking for UD. I should have a vid of today's pack tomorrow and maybe some UD if I have time before work. Confused yet? What a day. I have a lot of catching up to do...

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