Friday, February 6, 2009

Coming Soon: 2009 Upper Deck Baseball

So it's a warmer than usual day here in State College, a downright balmy 36 degrees (it's been single digits all week) which means the WalMart was packed on a Friday afternoon but nevertheless I braved the crowded aisles to bring home this baby.

I should point out Wally World had 36-card '09 Topps rack packs for $5 and I will be snatching some of those up every so often this spring for sure. I will be busting the UD blaster later tonight after work (probably will get the vid up no later than 11PM EST) *ah make that Saturday afternoon d'oh! as well as this goody that was waiting in my mail box.

I believe these are the three packs of '80 Topps football I bought off eBay. Wahoo!

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