Thursday, February 26, 2009

2009 Topps Baseball

I finally got around to making a vid of the other cereal box.


nymetsfan said...

Jeff, thanks for posting the vid from the 09 Topps cereal box. I can't find any of those in SC. Bummer. You pulled some cool cards. I got the package you sent today. Thanks.
Steve in SC

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

No prob. These cereal boxes are a good deal: 52 base cards, a Topps Town, a Turkey Red, a Legend of the Game and a refractor for 10 bucks. Although I didn't realize there are TWO refractor sets: 10 platinum and 10 gold so there goes me trying to get a set of these. But these cereal boxes are still a good way to build a base set quickly and cheaply.