Monday, February 23, 2009

Waiting for '09 Heritage Baseball

So I found this pic of a blaster here.
Maybe these should come with tic tacs instead of gum heh. I am reading conflicting reports on the street date. Some say it's today others say Wednesday. I'm gonna hit Target and Walmart just to see although my gut tells me it's Wednesday. I'll let you know what I find out.

UPDATE: So after spending my day off yesterday being lazy on the couch watching my Pens get crushed on national TV and seeing their flickering playoff hopes dashed and being too depressed to do anything sports related, I accomplished a great deal today before going to work. I sent off FIVE maildays (you know who you are) did my laundry and grocery shopping and stopped by Wally World and Tur-Gate to see if they had any Heritage baseball in yet. No dice but funny story. At Tar-Jay I decided not to walk away empty handed and after digging around I grabbed another Topps cereal box with Teddy Ballgame's frozen dome on it.It didn't scan at the checkout and I could tell the cashier had no idea what it was. I didn't think fast enough on my feet and told her the correct price (9.99) To my surprise she didn't double check and just typed in 9.99. If I had known that I would have said ... ahhh ... 1.99? Nah, I'm too chicken to do that. Anyway, a clear conscience is worth eight bucks. Right?

GAMEPLAN: I should have a vid of the cereal box with the Splendid Splinter's mug on it as well as a mailday I received today by late tonight or tomorrow evening. I'm going to stop by Target and Wally World after work tomorrow real quick to continue the hunt.


night owl said...

It doesn't matter what the release date is where I live. I pretty much guarantee I won't see it until a week after release.

Ben said...

Everything I've read says Wednesday, so I'll wait until then. But like Night Owl, it doesn't really matter around here. We got '09 Topps about a week after release, still haven't seen Upper Deck.

I'm looking forward to Heritage though.

dayf said...

It should be in HTA hobby store on wednesday. Stores that get it through a distributor probably a few days later.Don't expect to see pack 1 in a Target or Wal-Mart for at least a week. You should be able to see all the case breakers going at it by tomorrow night though.