Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2009 Topps Heritage Baseball Scans

As most of you know by now '09 Heritage baseball is live as the first hobby boxes have been busted by some lucky collectors. You've probably already seen some of these elsewhere but I figured I would post all the scans I've come across so far.

First, the base cards:

The regular card backs look like this:
And these are the "dark" back short prints (426-500):
Then and Now:

News Flashbacks:

New Age Performers:
1960 Buy Back:


Since I'm off work tomorrow I'm considering making some phone calls to some of the nearest hobby shops to see if they have it in yet and possibly getting a box. But it's just as likely I may wait until next week and grab the first blaster I find. Either way Heritage looks awesome this year and I'm looking forward to opening some.


night owl said...

The base cards look great. Just like the 1960 cards look great. I'd be happy with just the base cards and none of the subsets.

I love chrome, but it's wasted on Heritage sets. I wish they'd stop it.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Yeah I don't know why they make chrome of "1960" cards but the base look awesome

dinged corners said...

Weather satellite. Hm.

Dave said...

On card autos -- very cool.

Anonymous said...

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