Saturday, February 7, 2009

2009 Upper Deck Baseball

Sorry this took so long but I was up all night into the wee hours editing, encoding and uploading these videos. This first one has me ranting on UD for about six minutes so you may want to skip ahead. The big hit of the blaster is at the 8:30 mark. The second vid feautures the next six packs. The third vid has the last two packs and a box recap.

Blaster Recap:
Base Set: 64 of 500 (12.8%)
Blue Starquest: R. Braun
Gold Starquest: A. Soriano
Emerald Starquest: J. Beckett
Black Starquest: V. Guerrero
1 '08 UD Documentary: Card #4947
1 Historic First: First Indian MLB Players
3 USA 18U: N. Franklin, C. Garfield, H. Martinez
1 20th Anniversary: D. Jeter
2 Yankee Tedium Lunacy: M. Mussina, D. Jeter
1 UD Game Jersey: Billy Wagner

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